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The maximum number of HealthCheck elements you want ListHealthChecks to return on each page of the response body. If the AWS account includes more HealthCheck elements than the value of maxitems, the response is broken into pages. Each page contains the number of HealthCheck elements specified by maxitems.

For example, suppose you specify 10 for maxitems and the current AWS account has 51 health checks. In the response, ListHealthChecks sets ListHealthChecksResponse$IsTruncated to true and includes the ListHealthChecksResponse$NextMarker element. To access the second and subsequent pages, you resend the GET ListHealthChecks request, add the ListHealthChecksResponse$Marker parameter to the request, and specify the value of the ListHealthChecksResponse$NextMarker element from the previous response. On the last (sixth) page of the response, which contains only one HealthCheck element:

The value of ListHealthChecksResponse$IsTruncated is false.

 ListHealthChecksResponse$NextMarker is omitted.

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