Returns a list of tags. You can return tags from a specific resource by specifying an ARN, or you can return all tags for a given type of resource, such as clusters, snapshots, and so on.

The following are limitations for DescribeTags:  You cannot specify an

ARN and a resource-type value together in the same request. You cannot use the MaxRecords and Marker parameters together with the ARN parameter. The MaxRecords parameter can be a range from 10 to 50 results to return in a request.

If you specify both tag keys and tag values in the same request, Amazon Redshift returns all resources that match any combination of the specified keys and values. For example, if you have owner and environment for tag keys, and admin and test for tag values, all resources that have any combination of those values are returned.

If both tag keys and values are omitted from the request, resources are returned regardless of whether they have tag keys or values associated with them.