The DeleteDBInstance action deletes a previously provisioned DB instance. When you delete a DB instance, all automated backups for that instance are deleted and cannot be recovered. Manual DB snapshots of the DB instance to be deleted by DeleteDBInstance are not deleted.

If you request a final DB snapshot the status of the Amazon RDS DB instance

is deleting until the DB snapshot is created. The API action DescribeDBInstance is used to monitor the status of this operation. The action cannot be canceled or reverted once submitted.

Note that when a DB instance is in a failure state and has a status of failed, incompatible-restore, or incompatible-network, you can only delete it when the SkipFinalSnapshot parameter is set to true.

If the specified DB instance is part of an Amazon Aurora DB cluster, you cannot delete the DB instance if the following are true:

The DB cluster is a Read Replica of another Amazon Aurora DB cluster.

The DB instance is the only instance in the DB cluster.

To delete a DB instance in this case, first call the PromoteReadReplicaDBCluster

API action to promote the DB cluster so it's no longer a Read Replica. After the promotion completes, then call the DeleteDBInstance API action to delete the final instance in the DB cluster.