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The number of lines to download. If the number of lines specified results in a file over 1 MB in size, the file will be truncated at 1 MB in size.

If the NumberOfLines parameter is specified, then the block of lines returned can be from the beginning or the end of the log file, depending on the value of the Marker parameter.

If neither Marker or NumberOfLines are specified, the entire log file

is returned up to a maximum of 10000 lines, starting with the most recent log entries first.

If NumberOfLines is specified and Marker is not specified, then the most

recent lines from the end of the log file are returned.

If Marker is specified as "0", then the specified number of lines from

the beginning of the log file are returned.

You can download the log file in blocks of lines by specifying the size

of the block using the NumberOfLines parameter, and by specifying a value of "0" for the Marker parameter in your first request. Include the Marker value returned in the response as the Marker value for the next request, continuing until the AdditionalDataPending response element returns false.

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