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Specifies a DB subnet group for the DB instance. The new DB instance will be created in the VPC associated with the DB subnet group. If no DB subnet group is specified, then the new DB instance is not created in a VPC.


Can only be specified if the source DB instance identifier specifies a

DB instance in another region.

The specified DB subnet group must be in the same region in which the

operation is running.

All Read Replicas in one region that are created from the same source

DB instance must either:>

Specify DB subnet groups from the same VPC. All these Read Replicas will

be created in the same VPC.

Not specify a DB subnet group. All these Read Replicas will be created

outside of any VPC.

Constraints: Must contain no more than 255 alphanumeric characters,

periods, underscores, spaces, or hyphens. Must not be default.

Example: mySubnetgroup

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