Describes an instance's Amazon EBS volume.

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// The Shutdown event configuration.
type ShutdownEventConfiguration struct {
	_ struct{} `type:"structure"`

	// Whether to enable Elastic Load Balancing connection draining. For more information,
	// see Connection Draining (
	DelayUntilElbConnectionsDrained *bool `type:"boolean"`

	// The time, in seconds, that AWS OpsWorks will wait after triggering a Shutdown
	// event before shutting down an instance.
	ExecutionTimeout *int64 `type:"integer"`

// String returns the string representation
func (s ShutdownEventConfiguration) String() string {
	return awsutil.Prettify(s)

// GoString returns the string representation
func (s ShutdownEventConfiguration) GoString() string {
	return s.String()

// Contains the information required to retrieve an app or cookbook from a repository.
// For more information, see Creating Apps (
// or Custom Recipes and Cookbooks (
type Source struct {
	_ struct{} `type:"structure"`

	// When included in a request, the parameter depends on the repository type.
	//    * For Amazon S3 bundles, set Password to the appropriate IAM secret access
	//    key.
	//    * For HTTP bundles and Subversion repositories, set Password to the password.
	// For more information on how to safely handle IAM credentials, see
	// (
	// In responses, AWS OpsWorks returns *****FILTERED***** instead of the actual
	// value.
	Password *string `type:"string"`