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Whether to associate the AWS OpsWorks built-in security groups with the stack's layers.

AWS OpsWorks provides a standard set of built-in security groups, one for each layer, which are associated with layers by default. UseOpsworksSecurityGroups allows you to provide your own custom security groups instead of using the built-in groups. UseOpsworksSecurityGroups has the following settings:

True - AWS OpsWorks automatically associates the appropriate built-in

security group with each layer (default setting). You can associate additional security groups with a layer after you create it, but you cannot delete the built-in security group.

False - AWS OpsWorks does not associate built-in security groups with

layers. You must create appropriate EC2 security groups and associate a security group with each layer that you create. However, you can still manually associate a built-in security group with a layer on. Custom security groups are required only for those layers that need custom settings.

For more information, see Create a New Stack (

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