Describes the specified Amazon Kinesis stream.

The information about the stream includes its current status, its Amazon Resource Name (ARN), and an array of shard objects. For each shard object, there is information about the hash key and sequence number ranges that the shard spans, and the IDs of any earlier shards that played in a role in creating the shard. A sequence number is the identifier associated with every record ingested in the stream. The sequence number is assigned when a record is put into the stream.

You can limit the number of returned shards using the Limit parameter. The number of shards in a stream may be too large to return from a single call to DescribeStream. You can detect this by using the HasMoreShards flag in the returned output. HasMoreShards is set to true when there is more data available.

DescribeStream is a paginated operation. If there are more shards available, you can request them using the shard ID of the last shard returned. Specify this ID in the ExclusiveStartShardId parameter in a subsequent request to DescribeStream.

There are no guarantees about the chronological order shards returned in DescribeStream results. If you want to process shards in chronological order, use ParentShardId to track lineage to the oldest shard.

DescribeStream has a limit of 10 transactions per second per account.