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Specifies the type of simulation to run. Different APIs that support resource-based policies require different combinations of resources. By specifying the type of simulation to run, you enable the policy simulator to enforce the presence of the required resources to ensure reliable simulation results. If your simulation does not match one of the following scenarios, then you can omit this parameter. The following list shows each of the supported scenario values and the resources that you must define to run the simulation.

Each of the EC2 scenarios requires that you specify instance, image, and security-group resources. If your scenario includes an EBS volume, then you must specify that volume as a resource. If the EC2 scenario includes VPC, then you must supply the network-interface resource. If it includes an IP subnet, then you must specify the subnet resource. For more information on the EC2 scenario options, see Supported Platforms ( in the AWS EC2 User Guide.


instance, image, security-group


instance, image, security-group, volume


instance, image, security-group, network-interface


instance, image, security-group, network-interface, subnet


instance, image, security-group, network-interface, volume


instance, image, security-group, network-interface, subnet, volume

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