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Uploads a server certificate entity for the AWS account. The server certificate entity includes a public key certificate, a private key, and an optional certificate chain, which should all be PEM-encoded.

For more information about working with server certificates, including a list of AWS services that can use the server certificates that you manage with IAM, go to Working with Server Certificates ( in the IAM User Guide.

For information about the number of server certificates you can upload, see Limitations on IAM Entities and Objects ( in the IAM User Guide.

Because the body of the public key certificate, private key, and the certificate

chain can be large, you should use POST rather than GET when calling UploadServerCertificate. For information about setting up signatures and authorization through the API, go to Signing AWS API Requests ( in the AWS General Reference. For general information about using the Query API with IAM, go to Calling the API by Making HTTP Query Requests ( in the IAM User Guide.