This operation retrieves the following attributes from the lock-policy subresource set on the specified vault: The vault lock policy set on the vault.

The state of the vault lock, which is either InProgess or Locked.

When the lock ID expires. The lock ID is used to complete the vault locking


When the vault lock was initiated and put into the InProgress state.

 A vault lock is put into the InProgress state by calling InitiateVaultLock.

A vault lock is put into the Locked state by calling CompleteVaultLock. You can abort the vault locking process by calling AbortVaultLock. For more information about the vault locking process, Amazon Glacier Vault Lock (

If there is no vault lock policy set on the vault, the operation returns a 404 Not found error. For more information about vault lock policies, Amazon Glacier Access Control with Vault Lock Policies (

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