This operation aborts the vault locking process if the vault lock is not in the Locked state. If the vault lock is in the Locked state when this operation is requested, the operation returns an AccessDeniedException error. Aborting the vault locking process removes the vault lock policy from the specified vault.

A vault lock is put into the InProgress state by calling InitiateVaultLock. A vault lock is put into the Locked state by calling CompleteVaultLock. You can get the state of a vault lock by calling GetVaultLock. For more information about the vault locking process, see Amazon Glacier Vault Lock ( For more information about vault lock policies, see Amazon Glacier Access Control with Vault Lock Policies (

This operation is idempotent. You can successfully invoke this operation multiple times, if the vault lock is in the InProgress state or if there is no policy associated with the vault.