Rule that controls how a fleet is scaled. Scaling policies are uniquely identified by the combination of name and fleet ID.

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	// Unique identifier for a fleet. Specify a fleet to retrieve information on
	// all game sessions active on the fleet.
	FleetId *string `type:"string"`

	// Unique identifier for the game session to retrieve information on. Game session
	// ID format is as follows: "arn:aws:gamelift:<region>::gamesession/fleet-<fleet
	// ID>/<ID string>". The value of <ID string> is either a custom ID string (if
	// one was specified when the game session was created) an auto-generated string.
	GameSessionId *string `min:"1" type:"string"`

	// Maximum number of results to return. Use this parameter with NextToken to
	// get results as a set of sequential pages.
	Limit *int64 `min:"1" type:"integer"`

	// Token indicating the start of the next sequential page of results. Use the
	// token that is returned with a previous call to this action. To specify the
	// start of the result set, do not specify a value.
	NextToken *string `min:"1" type:"string"`

	// Game session status to filter results on. Possible game session statuses
	// include ACTIVE, TERMINATED, ACTIVATING, and TERMINATING (the last two are
	// transitory).
	StatusFilter *string `min:"1" type:"string"`

// String returns the string representation
func (s DescribeGameSessionsInput) String() string {
	return awsutil.Prettify(s)

// GoString returns the string representation
func (s DescribeGameSessionsInput) GoString() string {
	return s.String()

// Validate inspects the fields of the type to determine if they are valid.
func (s *DescribeGameSessionsInput) Validate() error {
	invalidParams := request.ErrInvalidParams{Context: "DescribeGameSessionsInput"}
	if s.GameSessionId != nil && len(*s.GameSessionId) < 1 {
		invalidParams.Add(request.NewErrParamMinLen("GameSessionId", 1))
	if s.Limit != nil && *s.Limit < 1 {
		invalidParams.Add(request.NewErrParamMinValue("Limit", 1))
	if s.NextToken != nil && len(*s.NextToken) < 1 {
		invalidParams.Add(request.NewErrParamMinLen("NextToken", 1))
	if s.StatusFilter != nil && len(*s.StatusFilter) < 1 {
		invalidParams.Add(request.NewErrParamMinLen("StatusFilter", 1))

	if invalidParams.Len() > 0 {
		return invalidParams
	return nil

// Represents the returned data in response to a request action.
type DescribeGameSessionsOutput struct {
	_ struct{} `type:"structure"`