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Creates or updates a scaling policy for a fleet. An active scaling policy prompts Amazon GameLift to track a certain metric for a fleet and automatically change the fleet's capacity in specific circumstances. Each scaling policy contains one rule statement. Fleets can have multiple scaling policies in force simultaneously.

A scaling policy rule statement has the following structure:

If [MetricName] is [ComparisonOperator] [Threshold] for [EvaluationPeriods] minutes, then [ScalingAdjustmentType] to/by [ScalingAdjustment].

For example, this policy: "If the number of idle instances exceeds 20 for more than 15 minutes, then reduce the fleet capacity by 10 instances" could be implemented as the following rule statement:

If [IdleInstances] is [GreaterThanOrEqualToThreshold] [20] for [15] minutes, then [ChangeInCapacity] by [-10].

To create or update a scaling policy, specify a unique combination of name and fleet ID, and set the rule values. All parameters for this action are required. If successful, the policy name is returned. Scaling policies cannot be suspended or made inactive. To stop enforcing a scaling policy, call DeleteScalingPolicy.

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