Initializes a new build record and generates information required to upload a game build to Amazon GameLift. Once the build record has been created and its status is INITIALIZED, you can upload your game build.

Do not use this API action unless you are using your own Amazon Simple

Storage Service (Amazon S3) client and need to manually upload your build files. Instead, to create a build, use the CLI command upload-build, which creates a new build record and uploads the build files in one step. (See the Amazon GameLift Developer Guide ( help on packaging and uploading your build.)

To create a new build, identify the operating system of the game server

binaries. All game servers in a build must use the same operating system. Optionally, specify a build name and version; this metadata is stored with other properties in the build record and is displayed in the GameLift console (it is not visible to players). If successful, this action returns the newly created build record along with the Amazon S3 storage location and AWS account credentials. Use the location and credentials to upload your game build.

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