Welcome to the Amazon GameLift API Reference. Amazon GameLift is a managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) service for developers who need a scalable, server-based solution for multiplayer games. Amazon GameLift provides setup and deployment of game servers, and handles infrastructure scaling and session management.

This reference describes the low-level service API for GameLift. You can call this API directly or use the AWS SDK ( for your preferred language. The AWS SDK includes a set of high-level GameLift actions multiplayer game sessions. Alternatively, you can use the AWS command-line interface ( (CLI) tool, which includes commands for GameLift. For administrative actions, you can also use the Amazon GameLift console.

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Amazon GameLift Developer Guide (

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Call these actions from your game clients and/or services to create and manage multiplayer game sessions and player sessions.

Game sessions  CreateGameSession DescribeGameSessions DescribeGameSessionDetails

UpdateGameSession SearchGameSessions Player sessions CreatePlayerSession CreatePlayerSessions DescribePlayerSessions Other actions: GetGameSessionLogUrl

Set Up and Manage Game Servers

Use these administrative actions to configure GameLift to host your game servers. When setting up GameLift, you'll need to (1) configure a build for your game and upload build files, and (2) set up one or more fleets to host game sessions. Once you've created and activated a fleet, you can assign aliases to it, scale capacity, track performance and utilization, etc.

Manage your builds:  ListBuilds CreateBuild DescribeBuild UpdateBuild

DeleteBuild RequestUploadCredentials Manage your fleets: ListFleets CreateFleet Describe fleets: DescribeFleetAttributes DescribeFleetCapacity DescribeFleetPortSettings DescribeFleetUtilization DescribeEC2InstanceLimits DescribeFleetEvents DescribeRuntimeConfiguration

Update fleets:  UpdateFleetAttributes UpdateFleetCapacity UpdateFleetPortSettings

UpdateRuntimeConfiguration DeleteFleet Manage fleet aliases: ListAliases CreateAlias DescribeAlias UpdateAlias DeleteAlias ResolveAlias Manage autoscaling: PutScalingPolicy DescribeScalingPolicies DeleteScalingPolicy

To view changes to the API, see the GameLift Document History (

page. The service client's operations are safe to be used concurrently. It is not safe to mutate any of the client's properties though.

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