Optional parameters to use with the Amazon Redshift COPY command. For more information, see the "Optional Parameters" section of Amazon Redshift COPY command ( Some possible examples that would apply to Firehose are as follows.

delimiter '\t' lzop; - fields are delimited with "\t" (TAB character) and

compressed using lzop.

delimiter '| - fields are delimited with "|" (this is the default delimiter).

delimiter '|' escape - the delimiter should be escaped.

fixedwidth 'venueid:3,venuename:25,venuecity:12,venuestate:2,venueseats:6'

- fields are fixed width in the source, with each width specified after every column in the table.

JSON 's3://mybucket/jsonpaths.txt' - data is in JSON format, and the path

specified is the format of the data.

For more examples, see Amazon Redshift COPY command examples (

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