Describes a COPY command for Amazon Redshift.


	if input == nil {
		input = &UpdateDestinationInput{}

	req = c.newRequest(op, input, output)
	output = &UpdateDestinationOutput{}
	req.Data = output

// UpdateDestination API operation for Amazon Kinesis Firehose.
// Updates the specified destination of the specified delivery stream. Note:
// Switching between Elasticsearch and other services is not supported. For
// Elasticsearch destination, you can only update an existing Elasticsearch
// destination with this operation.
// This operation can be used to change the destination type (for example, to
// replace the Amazon S3 destination with Amazon Redshift) or change the parameters
// associated with a given destination (for example, to change the bucket name
// of the Amazon S3 destination). The update may not occur immediately. The
// target delivery stream remains active while the configurations are updated,
// so data writes to the delivery stream can continue during this process. The
// updated configurations are normally effective within a few minutes.
// If the destination type is the same, Firehose merges the configuration parameters
// specified in the UpdateDestination request with the destination configuration
// that already exists on the delivery stream. If any of the parameters are
// not specified in the update request, then the existing configuration parameters
// are retained. For example, in the Amazon S3 destination, if EncryptionConfiguration
// is not specified then the existing EncryptionConfiguration is maintained