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SetTerminationProtection locks a job flow so the Amazon EC2 instances in the cluster cannot be terminated by user intervention, an API call, or in the event of a job-flow error. The cluster still terminates upon successful completion of the job flow. Calling SetTerminationProtection on a job flow is analogous to calling the Amazon EC2 DisableAPITermination API on all of the EC2 instances in a cluster.

SetTerminationProtection is used to prevent accidental termination of a job flow and to ensure that in the event of an error, the instances will persist so you can recover any data stored in their ephemeral instance storage.

To terminate a job flow that has been locked by setting SetTerminationProtection

to true, you must first unlock the job flow by a subsequent call to SetTerminationProtection in which you set the value to false.

For more information, go to Protecting a Job Flow from Termination (

in the Amazon Elastic MapReduce Developer's Guide.

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