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DescribeReservedCacheNodesOfferingsRequest generates a "aws/request.Request" representing the client's request for the DescribeReservedCacheNodesOfferings operation. The "output" return value can be used to capture response data after the request's "Send" method is called.

Creating a request object using this method should be used when you want to inject custom logic into the request's lifecycle using a custom handler, or if you want to access properties on the request object before or after sending the request. If you just want the service response, call the DescribeReservedCacheNodesOfferings method directly instead.

Note: You must call the "Send" method on the returned request object in order to execute the request.

// Example sending a request using the DescribeReservedCacheNodesOfferingsRequest method.
req, resp := client.DescribeReservedCacheNodesOfferingsRequest(params)

err := req.Send()
if err == nil { // resp is now filled

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