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The cache node type filter value. Use this parameter to show only the available offerings matching the specified cache node type.

Valid node types are as follows:

General purpose:

Current generation: cache.t2.micro, cache.t2.small, cache.t2.medium, cache.m3.medium,

cache.m3.large, cache.m3.xlarge, cache.m3.2xlarge

Previous generation: cache.t1.micro, cache.m1.small, cache.m1.medium,

cache.m1.large, cache.m1.xlarge

  Compute optimized: cache.c1.xlarge

Memory optimized:

Current generation: cache.r3.large, cache.r3.xlarge, cache.r3.2xlarge,

cache.r3.4xlarge, cache.r3.8xlarge

Previous generation: cache.m2.xlarge, cache.m2.2xlarge, cache.m2.4xlarge


All t2 instances are created in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Redis backup/restore is not supported for t2 instances.

Redis Append-only files (AOF) functionality is not supported for t1 or

t2 instances.

For a complete listing of cache node types and specifications, see Amazon

ElastiCache Product Features and Details ( and Cache Node Type-Specific Parameters for Memcached ( or Cache Node Type-Specific Parameters for Redis (

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