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The log configuration specification for the container. This parameter maps to LogConfig in the Create a container ( section of the Docker Remote API ( and the --log-driver option to docker run ( By default, containers use the same logging driver that the Docker daemon uses; however the container may use a different logging driver than the Docker daemon by specifying a log driver with this parameter in the container definition. To use a different logging driver for a container, the log system must be configured properly on the container instance (or on a different log server for remote logging options). For more information on the options for different supported log drivers, see Configure logging drivers ( in the Docker documentation.

Amazon ECS currently supports a subset of the logging drivers available

to the Docker daemon (shown in the LogConfiguration data type). Currently unsupported log drivers may be available in future releases of the Amazon ECS container agent.

This parameter requires version 1.18 of the Docker Remote API or greater

on your container instance. To check the Docker Remote API version on your container instance, log into your container instance and run the following command: sudo docker version | grep "Server API version"

The Amazon ECS container agent running on a container instance must register

the logging drivers available on that instance with the ECS_AVAILABLE_LOGGING_DRIVERS environment variable before containers placed on that instance can use these log configuration options. For more information, see Amazon ECS Container Agent Configuration ( in the Amazon EC2 Container Service Developer Guide.

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