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If the NAT gateway could not be created, specifies the error message for the failure, that corresponds to the error code.

For InsufficientFreeAddressesInSubnet: "Subnet has insufficient free addresses

to create this NAT gateway"

For Gateway.NotAttached: "Network vpc-xxxxxxxx has no Internet gateway


For InvalidAllocationID.NotFound: "Elastic IP address eipalloc-xxxxxxxx

could not be associated with this NAT gateway"

For Resource.AlreadyAssociated: "Elastic IP address eipalloc-xxxxxxxx

is already associated"

For InternalError: "Network interface eni-xxxxxxxx, created and used internally

by this NAT gateway is in an invalid state. Please try again."

For InvalidSubnetID.NotFound: "The specified subnet subnet-xxxxxxxx does

not exist or could not be found."

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