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Creates a listing for Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances to be sold in the Reserved Instance Marketplace. You can submit one Reserved Instance listing at a time. To get a list of your Reserved Instances, you can use the DescribeReservedInstances operation.

The Reserved Instance Marketplace matches sellers who want to resell Reserved Instance capacity that they no longer need with buyers who want to purchase additional capacity. Reserved Instances bought and sold through the Reserved Instance Marketplace work like any other Reserved Instances.

To sell your Reserved Instances, you must first register as a seller in the Reserved Instance Marketplace. After completing the registration process, you can create a Reserved Instance Marketplace listing of some or all of your Reserved Instances, and specify the upfront price to receive for them. Your Reserved Instance listings then become available for purchase. To view the details of your Reserved Instance listing, you can use the DescribeReservedInstancesListings operation.

For more information, see Reserved Instance Marketplace ( in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud User Guide.

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