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[EC2-VPC only] Adds one or more egress rules to a security group for use with a VPC. Specifically, this action permits instances to send traffic to one or more destination CIDR IP address ranges, or to one or more destination security groups for the same VPC. This action doesn't apply to security groups for use in EC2-Classic. For more information, see Security Groups for Your VPC ( in the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide.

You can have up to 50 rules per security group (covering both ingress and

egress rules).

Each rule consists of the protocol (for example, TCP), plus either a CIDR

range or a source group. For the TCP and UDP protocols, you must also specify the destination port or port range. For the ICMP protocol, you must also specify the ICMP type and code. You can use -1 for the type or code to mean all types or all codes.

Rule changes are propagated to affected instances as quickly as possible. However, a small delay might occur.