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One or more filters.

action.code - The action code for the event (for example, enable-volume-io).

action.description - A description of the action.

action.event-id - The event ID associated with the action.

availability-zone - The Availability Zone of the instance.

event.description - A description of the event.

event.event-id - The event ID.

event.event-type - The event type (for io-enabled: passed | failed; for

io-performance: io-performance:degraded | io-performance:severely-degraded | io-performance:stalled).

event.not-after - The latest end time for the event.

event.not-before - The earliest start time for the event.

volume-status.details-name - The cause for volume-status.status (io-enabled

| io-performance).

volume-status.details-status - The status of volume-status.details-name

(for io-enabled: passed | failed; for io-performance: normal | degraded | severely-degraded | stalled).

volume-status.status - The status of the volume (ok | impaired | warning

| insufficient-data).

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