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One or more filters.

availability-zone-group - The Availability Zone group.

create-time - The time stamp when the Spot instance request was created.

fault-code - The fault code related to the request.

fault-message - The fault message related to the request.

instance-id - The ID of the instance that fulfilled the request.

launch-group - The Spot instance launch group.

launch.block-device-mapping.delete-on-termination - Indicates whether

the Amazon EBS volume is deleted on instance termination.

launch.block-device-mapping.device-name - The device name for the Amazon

EBS volume (for example, /dev/sdh).

launch.block-device-mapping.snapshot-id - The ID of the snapshot used

for the Amazon EBS volume.

launch.block-device-mapping.volume-size - The size of the Amazon EBS

volume, in GiB.

launch.block-device-mapping.volume-type - The type of the Amazon EBS

volume: gp2 for General Purpose SSD, io1 for Provisioned IOPS SSD, st1 for Throughput Optimized HDD, sc1for Cold HDD, or standard for Magnetic. - The security group for the instance.

launch.image-id - The ID of the AMI.

launch.instance-type - The type of instance (for example, m3.medium).

launch.kernel-id - The kernel ID.

launch.key-name - The name of the key pair the instance launched with.

launch.monitoring-enabled - Whether monitoring is enabled for the Spot


launch.ramdisk-id - The RAM disk ID. - The ID of the network interface.

network-interface.device-index - The index of the device for the network

interface attachment on the instance.

network-interface.subnet-id - The ID of the subnet for the instance.

network-interface.description - A description of the network interface.

network-interface.private-ip-address - The primary private IP address

of the network interface.

network-interface.delete-on-termination - Indicates whether the network

interface is deleted when the instance is terminated. - The ID of the security group associated

with the network interface. - The name of the security group associated

with the network interface.

network-interface.addresses.primary - Indicates whether the IP address

is the primary private IP address.

product-description - The product description associated with the instance

(Linux/UNIX | Windows).

spot-instance-request-id - The Spot instance request ID.

spot-price - The maximum hourly price for any Spot instance launched

to fulfill the request.

state - The state of the Spot instance request (open | active | closed

| cancelled | failed). Spot bid status information can help you track your Amazon EC2 Spot instance requests. For more information, see Spot Bid Status ( in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud User Guide.

status-code - The short code describing the most recent evaluation of

your Spot instance request.

status-message - The message explaining the status of the Spot instance


tag:key=value - The key/value combination of a tag assigned to the resource.

tag-key - The key of a tag assigned to the resource. This filter is independent

of the tag-value filter. For example, if you use both the filter "tag-key=Purpose" and the filter "tag-value=X", you get any resources assigned both the tag key Purpose (regardless of what the tag's value is), and the tag value X (regardless of what the tag's key is). If you want to list only resources where Purpose is X, see the tag:key=value filter.

tag-value - The value of a tag assigned to the resource. This filter

is independent of the tag-key filter.

type - The type of Spot instance request (one-time | persistent).

launched-availability-zone - The Availability Zone in which the bid is


valid-from - The start date of the request.

valid-until - The end date of the request.

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