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One or more filters.

architecture - The image architecture (i386 | x86_64).

block-device-mapping.delete-on-termination - A Boolean value that indicates

whether the Amazon EBS volume is deleted on instance termination.

block-device-mapping.device-name - The device name for the EBS volume

(for example, /dev/sdh).

block-device-mapping.snapshot-id - The ID of the snapshot used for the

EBS volume.

block-device-mapping.volume-size - The volume size of the EBS volume,

in GiB.

block-device-mapping.volume-type - The volume type of the EBS volume

(gp2 | io1 | st1 | sc1 | standard).

description - The description of the image (provided during image creation).

hypervisor - The hypervisor type (ovm | xen).

image-id - The ID of the image.

image-type - The image type (machine | kernel | ramdisk).

is-public - A Boolean that indicates whether the image is public.

kernel-id - The kernel ID.

manifest-location - The location of the image manifest.

name - The name of the AMI (provided during image creation).

owner-alias - String value from an Amazon-maintained list (amazon | aws-marketplace

| microsoft) of snapshot owners. Not to be confused with the user-configured AWS account alias, which is set from the IAM console.

owner-id - The AWS account ID of the image owner.

platform - The platform. To only list Windows-based AMIs, use windows.

product-code - The product code.

product-code.type - The type of the product code (devpay | marketplace).

ramdisk-id - The RAM disk ID.

root-device-name - The name of the root device volume (for example, /dev/sda1).

root-device-type - The type of the root device volume (ebs | instance-store).

state - The state of the image (available | pending | failed).

state-reason-code - The reason code for the state change.

state-reason-message - The message for the state change.

tag:key=value - The key/value combination of a tag assigned to the resource.

tag-key - The key of a tag assigned to the resource. This filter is independent

of the tag-value filter. For example, if you use both the filter "tag-key=Purpose" and the filter "tag-value=X", you get any resources assigned both the tag key Purpose (regardless of what the tag's value is), and the tag value X (regardless of what the tag's key is). If you want to list only resources where Purpose is X, see the tag:key=value filter.

tag-value - The value of a tag assigned to the resource. This filter

is independent of the tag-key filter.

virtualization-type - The virtualization type (paravirtual | hvm).