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Validate inspects the fields of the type to determine if they are valid.

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	Table *TableDescription `type:"structure"`

// String returns the string representation
func (s DescribeTableOutput) String() string {
	return awsutil.Prettify(s)

// GoString returns the string representation
func (s DescribeTableOutput) GoString() string {
	return s.String()

// Represents a condition to be compared with an attribute value. This condition
// can be used with DeleteItem, PutItem or UpdateItem operations; if the comparison
// evaluates to true, the operation succeeds; if not, the operation fails. You
// can use ExpectedAttributeValue in one of two different ways:
//   Use AttributeValueList to specify one or more values to compare against
// an attribute. Use ComparisonOperator to specify how you want to perform the
// comparison. If the comparison evaluates to true, then the conditional operation
// succeeds.
//   Use Value to specify a value that DynamoDB will compare against an attribute.
// If the values match, then ExpectedAttributeValue evaluates to true and the
// conditional operation succeeds. Optionally, you can also set Exists to false,
// indicating that you do not expect to find the attribute value in the table.
// In this case, the conditional operation succeeds only if the comparison evaluates
// to false.
//    Value and Exists are incompatible with AttributeValueList and ComparisonOperator.
// Note that if you use both sets of parameters at once, DynamoDB will return
// a ValidationException exception.
type ExpectedAttributeValue struct {
	_ struct{} `type:"structure"`

	// One or more values to evaluate against the supplied attribute. The number
	// of values in the list depends on the ComparisonOperator being used.
	// For type Number, value comparisons are numeric.
	// String value comparisons for greater than, equals, or less than are based
	// on ASCII character code values. For example, a is greater than A, and a is
	// greater than B. For a list of code values, see
	// (