Creates a new item, or replaces an old item with a new item. If an item that has the same primary key as the new item already exists in the specified table, the new item completely replaces the existing item. You can perform a conditional put operation (add a new item if one with the specified primary key doesn't exist), or replace an existing item if it has certain attribute values.

In addition to putting an item, you can also return the item's attribute values in the same operation, using the ReturnValues parameter.

When you add an item, the primary key attribute(s) are the only required attributes. Attribute values cannot be null. String and Binary type attributes must have lengths greater than zero. Set type attributes cannot be empty. Requests with empty values will be rejected with a ValidationException exception.

You can request that PutItem return either a copy of the original item (before the update) or a copy of the updated item (after the update). For more information, see the ReturnValues description below.

To prevent a new item from replacing an existing item, use a conditional

expression that contains the attribute_not_exists function with the name of the attribute being used as the partition key for the table. Since every record must contain that attribute, the attribute_not_exists function will only succeed if no matching item exists.

For more information about using this API, see Working with Items (

in the Amazon DynamoDB Developer Guide.

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