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One or more global secondary indexes (the maximum is five) to be created on the table. Each global secondary index in the array includes the following:

IndexName - The name of the global secondary index. Must be unique only

for this table.

 KeySchema - Specifies the key schema for the global secondary index.

Projection - Specifies attributes that are copied (projected) from the

table into the index. These are in addition to the primary key attributes and index key attributes, which are automatically projected. Each attribute specification is composed of:

ProjectionType - One of the following:

KEYS_ONLY - Only the index and primary keys are projected into the index.

INCLUDE - Only the specified table attributes are projected into the

index. The list of projected attributes are in NonKeyAttributes.

ALL - All of the table attributes are projected into the index.

  NonKeyAttributes - A list of one or more non-key attribute names that

are projected into the secondary index. The total count of attributes provided in NonKeyAttributes, summed across all of the secondary indexes, must not exceed 20. If you project the same attribute into two different indexes, this counts as two distinct attributes when determining the total.

ProvisionedThroughput - The provisioned throughput settings for the

global secondary index, consisting of read and write capacity units.

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