The run's type.

Must be one of the following values:

BUILTIN_FUZZ: The built-in fuzz type.

BUILTIN_EXPLORER: For Android, an app explorer that will traverse an Android app, interacting with it and capturing screenshots at the same time.

APPIUM_JAVA_JUNIT: The Appium Java JUnit type.

APPIUM_JAVA_TESTNG: The Appium Java TestNG type.

APPIUM_PYTHON: The Appium Python type.

APPIUM_WEB_JAVA_JUNIT: The Appium Java JUnit type for Web apps.

APPIUM_WEB_JAVA_TESTNG: The Appium Java TestNG type for Web apps.

APPIUM_WEB_PYTHON: The Appium Python type for Web apps.

CALABASH: The Calabash type.

INSTRUMENTATION: The Instrumentation type.

UIAUTOMATION: The uiautomation type.

UIAUTOMATOR: The uiautomator type.

XCTEST: The XCode test type.

XCTEST_UI: The XCode UI test type.

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