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type ListApplicationRevisionsInput

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Represents the input of a list application revisions operation.


	// In an example using nine instances, it will deploy to one instance at a time.
	//    The overall deployment succeeds if deployment to the first eight instances
	//    is successful; the overall deployment fails if deployment to any of the
	//    first eight instances fails.
	// For deployment groups that contain only one instance, the overall deployment
	//    is successful only if deployment to the single instance is successful
	DeploymentConfigName *string `locationName:"deploymentConfigName" min:"1" type:"string"`

	// The name of a new deployment group for the specified application.
	// DeploymentGroupName is a required field
	DeploymentGroupName *string `locationName:"deploymentGroupName" min:"1" type:"string" required:"true"`

	// The Amazon EC2 tags on which to filter.
	Ec2TagFilters []*EC2TagFilter `locationName:"ec2TagFilters" type:"list"`

	// The on-premises instance tags on which to filter.
	OnPremisesInstanceTagFilters []*TagFilter `locationName:"onPremisesInstanceTagFilters" type:"list"`

	// A service role ARN that allows AWS CodeDeploy to act on the user's behalf
	// when interacting with AWS services.
	// ServiceRoleArn is a required field
	ServiceRoleArn *string `locationName:"serviceRoleArn" type:"string" required:"true"`

	// Information about triggers to create when the deployment group is created.
	// For examples, see Create a Trigger for an AWS CodeDeploy Event (
	// in the AWS CodeDeploy User Guide.
	TriggerConfigurations []*TriggerConfig `locationName:"triggerConfigurations" type:"list"`

// String returns the string representation
func (s CreateDeploymentGroupInput) String() string {
	return awsutil.Prettify(s)

// GoString returns the string representation
func (s CreateDeploymentGroupInput) GoString() string {
	return s.String()

// Validate inspects the fields of the type to determine if they are valid.
func (s *CreateDeploymentGroupInput) Validate() error {