This is the AWS CodeCommit API Reference. This reference provides descriptions of the operations and data types for AWS CodeCommit API.

You can use the AWS CodeCommit API to work with the following objects:

Repositories, by calling the following:  BatchGetRepositories, which returns

information about one or more repositories associated with your AWS account CreateRepository, which creates an AWS CodeCommit repository DeleteRepository, which deletes an AWS CodeCommit repository GetRepository, which returns information about a specified repository ListRepositories, which lists all AWS CodeCommit repositories associated with your AWS account UpdateRepositoryDescription, which sets or updates the description of the repository UpdateRepositoryName, which changes the name of the repository. If you change the name of a repository, no other users of that repository will be able to access it until you send them the new HTTPS or SSH URL to use. Branches, by calling the following:

CreateBranch, which creates a new branch in a specified repository GetBranch,

which returns information about a specified branch ListBranches, which lists all branches for a specified repository UpdateDefaultBranch, which changes the default branch for a repository Information about committed code in a repository, by calling the following: GetCommit, which returns information about a commit, including commit messages and committer information. Triggers, by calling the following: GetRepositoryTriggers, which returns information about triggers configured for a repository PutRepositoryTriggers, which replaces all triggers for a repository and can be used to create or delete triggers TestRepositoryTriggers, which tests the functionality of a repository trigger by sending data to the trigger target For information about how to use AWS CodeCommit, see the AWS CodeCommit User Guide ( The service client's operations are safe to be used concurrently. It is not safe to mutate any of the client's properties though.