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The list of actions to execute when this alarm transitions into an ALARM state from any other state. Each action is specified as an Amazon Resource Name (ARN).

Valid Values: arn:aws:automate:region (e.g., us-east-1):ec2:stop | arn:aws:automate:region (e.g., us-east-1):ec2:terminate | arn:aws:automate:region (e.g., us-east-1):ec2:recover

Valid Values (for use with IAM roles): arn:aws:swf:us-east-1:{customer-account}:action/actions/AWS_EC2.InstanceId.Stop/1.0 | arn:aws:swf:us-east-1:{customer-account}:action/actions/AWS_EC2.InstanceId.Terminate/1.0 | arn:aws:swf:us-east-1:{customer-account}:action/actions/AWS_EC2.InstanceId.Reboot/1.0

Note: You must create at least one stop, terminate, or reboot alarm using

the Amazon EC2 or CloudWatch console to create the EC2ActionsAccess IAM role for the first time. After this IAM role is created, you can create stop, terminate, or reboot alarms using the CLI.