A complex type that contains information about viewer certificates for this distribution.

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// WAF web ACL.
type ListDistributionsByWebACLIdInput struct {
	_ struct{} `type:"structure"`

	// Use Marker and MaxItems to control pagination of results. If you have more
	// than MaxItems distributions that satisfy the request, the response includes
	// a NextMarker element. To get the next page of results, submit another request.
	// For the value of Marker, specify the value of NextMarker from the last response.
	// (For the first request, omit Marker.)
	Marker *string `location:"querystring" locationName:"Marker" type:"string"`

	// The maximum number of distributions that you want CloudFront to return in
	// the response body. The maximum and default values are both 100.
	MaxItems *int64 `location:"querystring" locationName:"MaxItems" type:"integer"`

	// The ID of the AWS WAF web ACL that you want to list the associated distributions.
	// If you specify "null" for the ID, the request returns a list of the distributions
	// that aren't associated with a web ACL.
	// WebACLId is a required field
	WebACLId *string `location:"uri" locationName:"WebACLId" type:"string" required:"true"`

// String returns the string representation
func (s ListDistributionsByWebACLIdInput) String() string {
	return awsutil.Prettify(s)

// GoString returns the string representation
func (s ListDistributionsByWebACLIdInput) GoString() string {
	return s.String()

// Validate inspects the fields of the type to determine if they are valid.
func (s *ListDistributionsByWebACLIdInput) Validate() error {
	invalidParams := request.ErrInvalidParams{Context: "ListDistributionsByWebACLIdInput"}
	if s.WebACLId == nil {

	if invalidParams.Len() > 0 {
		return invalidParams
	return nil

// The response to a request to list the distributions that are associated with
// a specified AWS WAF web ACL.
type ListDistributionsByWebACLIdOutput struct {
	_ struct{} `type:"structure" payload:"DistributionList"`

	// The DistributionList type.
	DistributionList *DistributionList `type:"structure"`