Contains detailed metadata about an ACM Certificate. This structure is returned in the response to a DescribeCertificate request.

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//    err := req.Send()
//    if err == nil { // resp is now filled
//        fmt.Println(resp)
//    }
func (c *ACM) RemoveTagsFromCertificateRequest(input *RemoveTagsFromCertificateInput) (req *request.Request, output *RemoveTagsFromCertificateOutput) {
	op := &request.Operation{
		Name:       opRemoveTagsFromCertificate,
		HTTPMethod: "POST",
		HTTPPath:   "/",

	if input == nil {
		input = &RemoveTagsFromCertificateInput{}

	req = c.newRequest(op, input, output)
	output = &RemoveTagsFromCertificateOutput{}
	req.Data = output

// RemoveTagsFromCertificate API operation for AWS Certificate Manager.
// Remove one or more tags from an ACM Certificate. A tag consists of a key-value
// pair. If you do not specify the value portion of the tag when calling this
// function, the tag will be removed regardless of value. If you specify a value,
// the tag is removed only if it is associated with the specified value.
// To add tags to a certificate, use the AddTagsToCertificate action. To view
// all of the tags that have been applied to a specific ACM Certificate, use
// the ListTagsForCertificate action.
// Returns awserr.Error for service API and SDK errors. Use runtime type assertions
// with awserr.Error's Code and Message methods to get detailed information about
// the error.
// See the AWS API reference guide for AWS Certificate Manager's
// API operation RemoveTagsFromCertificate for usage and error information.
// Returned Error Codes:
//   * ResourceNotFoundException
//   The specified certificate cannot be found in the caller's account, or the
//   caller's account cannot be found.
//   * InvalidArnException
//   The requested Amazon Resource Name (ARN) does not refer to an existing resource.
//   * InvalidTagException
//   One or both of the values that make up the key-value pair is not valid. For
//   example, you cannot specify a tag value that begins with aws:.
func (c *ACM) RemoveTagsFromCertificate(input *RemoveTagsFromCertificateInput) (*RemoveTagsFromCertificateOutput, error) {
	req, out := c.RemoveTagsFromCertificateRequest(input)
	err := req.Send()
	return out, err

const opRequestCertificate = "RequestCertificate"

// RequestCertificateRequest generates a "aws/request.Request" representing the
// client's request for the RequestCertificate operation. The "output" return
// value can be used to capture response data after the request's "Send" method
// is called.
// See RequestCertificate for usage and error information.
// Creating a request object using this method should be used when you want to inject
// custom logic into the request's lifecycle using a custom handler, or if you want to
// access properties on the request object before or after sending the request. If