Package kingpin provides command line interfaces like this:

$ chat
usage: chat [<flags>] <command> [<flags>] [<args> ...]

  --debug              enable debug mode
  --help               Show help.
  --server=   server address

  help <command>
    Show help for a command.

  post [<flags>] <channel>
    Post a message to a channel.

  register <nick> <name>
    Register a new user.

$ chat help post
usage: chat [<flags>] post [<flags>] <channel> [<text>]

Post a message to a channel.

  --image=IMAGE   image to post

  <channel>   channel to post to
  [<text>]    text to post
$ chat post --image=~/Downloads/owls.jpg pics

From code like this:

package main

import ""

var (
  debug    = kingpin.Flag("debug", "enable debug mode").Default("false").Bool()
  serverIP = kingpin.Flag("server", "server address").Default("").IP()

  register     = kingpin.Command("register", "Register a new user.")
  registerNick = register.Arg("nick", "nickname for user").Required().String()
  registerName = register.Arg("name", "name of user").Required().String()

  post        = kingpin.Command("post", "Post a message to a channel.")
  postImage   = post.Flag("image", "image to post").ExistingFile()
  postChannel = post.Arg("channel", "channel to post to").Required().String()
  postText    = post.Arg("text", "text to post").String()

func main() {
  switch kingpin.Parse() {
  // Register user
  case "register":

  // Post message
  case "post":
    if *postImage != nil {
    if *postText != "" {

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