Package queue includes a regular queue and a priority queue. These queues rely on waitgroups to pause listening threads on empty queues until a message is received. If any thread calls Dispose on the queue, any listeners are immediately returned with an error. Any subsequent put to the queue will return an error as opposed to panicking as with channels. Queues will grow with unbounded behavior as opposed to channels which can be buffered but will pause while a thread attempts to put to a full channel.

Recently added is a lockless ring buffer using the same basic C design as found here:

Modified for use with Go with the addition of some dispose semantics providing the capability to release blocked threads. This works for both puts and gets, either will return an error if they are blocked and the buffer is disposed. This could serve as a signal to kill a goroutine. All threadsafety is acheived using CAS operations, making this buffer pretty quick.

Benchmarks: BenchmarkPriorityQueue-8 2000000 782 ns/op BenchmarkQueue-8 2000000 671 ns/op BenchmarkChannel-8 1000000 2083 ns/op BenchmarkQueuePut-8 20000 84299 ns/op BenchmarkQueueGet-8 20000 80753 ns/op BenchmarkExecuteInParallel-8 20000 68891 ns/op BenchmarkRBLifeCycle-8 10000000 177 ns/op BenchmarkRBPut-8 30000000 58.1 ns/op BenchmarkRBGet-8 50000000 26.8 ns/op

TODO: We really need a Fibonacci heap for the priority queue. TODO: Unify the types of queue to the same interface.

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