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type PartitionConsumer

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PartitionConsumer processes Kafka messages from a given topic and partition. You MUST call Close() or AsyncClose() on a PartitionConsumer to avoid leaks, it will not be garbage-collected automatically when it passes out of scope.

The simplest way of using a PartitionConsumer is to loop over its Messages channel using a for/range loop. The PartitionConsumer will only stop itself in one case: when the offset being consumed is reported as out of range by the brokers. In this case you should decide what you want to do (try a different offset, notify a human, etc) and handle it appropriately. For all other error cases, it will just keep retrying. By default, it logs these errors to sarama.Logger; if you want to be notified directly of all errors, set your config's Consumer.Return.Errors to true and read from the Errors channel, using a select statement or a separate goroutine. Check out the Consumer examples to see implementations of these different approaches.

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