MockBroker is a mock Kafka broker that is used in unit tests. It is exposed to facilitate testing of higher level or specialized consumers and producers built on top of Sarama. Note that it does not 'mimic' the Kafka API protocol, but rather provides a facility to do that. It takes care of the TCP transport, request unmarshaling, response marshaling, and makes it the test writer responsibility to program correct according to the Kafka API protocol MockBroker behaviour.

MockBroker is implemented as a TCP server listening on a kernel-selected localhost port that can accept many connections. It reads Kafka requests from that connection and returns responses programmed by the SetHandlerByMap function. If a MockBroker receives a request that it has no programmed response for, then it returns nothing and the request times out.

A set of MockRequest builders to define mappings used by MockBroker is provided by Sarama. But users can develop MockRequests of their own and use them along with or instead of the standard ones.

When running tests with MockBroker it is strongly recommended to specify a timeout to `go test` so that if the broker hangs waiting for a response, the test panics.

It is not necessary to prefix message length or correlation ID to your response bytes, the server does that automatically as a convenience.

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