Producer is the namespace for configuration related to producing messages, used by the Producer.

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	Producer struct {
		// The maximum permitted size of a message (defaults to 1000000). Should be
		// set equal to or smaller than the broker's `message.max.bytes`.
		MaxMessageBytes int
		// The level of acknowledgement reliability needed from the broker (defaults
		// to WaitForLocal). Equivalent to the `request.required.acks` setting of the
		// JVM producer.
		RequiredAcks RequiredAcks
		// The maximum duration the broker will wait the receipt of the number of
		// RequiredAcks (defaults to 10 seconds). This is only relevant when
		// RequiredAcks is set to WaitForAll or a number > 1. Only supports
		// millisecond resolution, nanoseconds will be truncated. Equivalent to
		// the JVM producer's `` setting.
		Timeout time.Duration
		// The type of compression to use on messages (defaults to no compression).
		// Similar to `compression.codec` setting of the JVM producer.
		Compression CompressionCodec
		// Generates partitioners for choosing the partition to send messages to
		// (defaults to hashing the message key). Similar to the `partitioner.class`
		// setting for the JVM producer.
		Partitioner PartitionerConstructor

		// Return specifies what channels will be populated. If they are set to true,
		// you must read from the respective channels to prevent deadlock.
		Return struct {
			// If enabled, successfully delivered messages will be returned on the
			// Successes channel (default disabled).
			Successes bool

			// If enabled, messages that failed to deliver will be returned on the
			// Errors channel, including error (default enabled).
			Errors bool

		// The following config options control how often messages are batched up and
		// sent to the broker. By default, messages are sent as fast as possible, and
		// all messages received while the current batch is in-flight are placed
		// into the subsequent batch.
		Flush struct {
			// The best-effort number of bytes needed to trigger a flush. Use the
			// global sarama.MaxRequestSize to set a hard upper limit.
			Bytes int
			// The best-effort number of messages needed to trigger a flush. Use
			// `MaxMessages` to set a hard upper limit.
			Messages int
			// The best-effort frequency of flushes. Equivalent to
			// `` setting of JVM producer.
			Frequency time.Duration
			// The maximum number of messages the producer will send in a single
			// broker request. Defaults to 0 for unlimited. Similar to
			// `queue.buffering.max.messages` in the JVM producer.
			MaxMessages int

		Retry struct {
			// The total number of times to retry sending a message (default 3).
			// Similar to the `message.send.max.retries` setting of the JVM producer.
			Max int
			// How long to wait for the cluster to settle between retries
			// (default 100ms). Similar to the `` setting of the
			// JVM producer.
			Backoff time.Duration